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    Default 2001 951 DI, what might cause this? 270 hrs

    like the title says

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    Sweet job on the rebuild. So was it the Rave valve that caused it?
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    No , 99% not the rave valve. It was a lean condition in the pto cylinder. Hard to pinpoint the cause but my findings were 1. loose intake manifold to throttle body clamps ( I bought this doo 3 years ago so it was probably like this all the time?) allowing more air. 2. decreased fuel pressure from clogging fuel filter possibly. 3. Age and possible ring failure causing blow by and failure. 4. a combination of the above.

    After running it the plugs look good with no signs of lean in the pto cylinder. I took great pains to clean out the crankcase of all ring and piston fragments.....lots of spraying brake cleaner and fogging oil , paper towels and small rags spun carefully around the crank shaft till they were as clean coming out as going in. Once the rings went the piston wobbles in the jug and thats why the rave valve was hit by the piston head.

    I'm a backyard mechanic with a reasonable understanding of how these things work......alot of info is in the downloaded shop manuals. Plus the shop quoted me 3700 for a oem rebuilt and at least 2 weeks to get it. I'm sure it would have been more as that would not have included the fuel or oil filters $110 at least. I had it all done in 2 weeks. If it fails I'm out $370. I enjoy this stuff so I jumped in.
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