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    Exclamation tiger shark help everything seems to be there

    hey guys girls i got a tigershark 1995 everything works when i try to start it its just like the same sound as the water gettin sucked out i dunno i got it from a farmer for 80 bucks i got pics i need help it looks like its all redone i got it and all the gas lins were off and a few little things i neeed help someone i got skype if they want to work on it with me over cam maybe i dunno summers here and this is a fun toy by the sounds plsss help me guys dont let me down

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    Can you explain what's happening a bit better? What is it doing? What have you tried? You say everything works, but from the sounds of it, it's not working. What works, what doesn't? What do you mean "same sound as the water gettin sucked out"? You mean the sound of a bilge pump?

    Are you trying to say that it runs, but when you try to start it again later, it won't start? Or doesn't start at all?

    I have skype, but don't really want to spend a few hours trying to repair a ski over webcam. I'd take a look at it in person if I was closer. Try to explain it better, and you'll undoubtedly get some answers out of us.

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