I want to install a fuel primer bulb on my machine.
Reason i want this, is primarily, my MFD does not work, so i have no way of knowing my fuel level.
As i have recently found out, much too my dismay, when you run your machine out of gas, its a bugger too get started again!! 50meters from shore, was a nice paddle back!!
SO i want too use the primer too prime the system if i ever run out of gas again. My fuel selector valve can stay on Primary, and IF i run out of gas, i can switch too reserve and prime the system using the bulb.
The machine otherwise starts really well when it hasnt been ran dry!!..
SO where is a good place too put this?
I know the 92 Polaris had it installed after the fuel/water separator and before the fuel pump. I dont like that idea at all, just adds another part that if it fails, you run LEAN.
I was thinking of installing on the return line? It would suck gas through the carbs and pump. I would be able to see the fuel fill up the water separator and know when its primed enough.
Another option i was thinking of, just installing it on the reserve line before the fuel selector valve, fuel filter, water separator.?
Any thoughts.