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    Default Superjet Factory B Pipe with ATP waterbox

    Thinking of selling my b pipe setup, mani is tapped for dual cooling and has been port matched to my exhaust ports also the top diameter has been opened up aswell. For the head pipe the top and bottom screw work fine, the middle screw is buggered but it is in the closed position. When i got the chamber it had been welded in a few spots, welds are clean and it doesnt leak the welds are also on the bottom of the chamber so when installed you dont see them.
    Comes with an atp waterbox, bought it off steve last year in perfect shape just a bit dirty from being in the hull.
    Looking to get $700 for everything

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    Waterbox sold anyone need a b pipe ???? $525 have a flow valve for $25 more aswell

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    Good deal if your looking for a b-pipe!
    Blackjack/Jetworks-Gord Bush performance-Hatefactory freeride FTW

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    you sold the pipe ? I was going to call and come over today ! damn ...

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