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    Virginia Beach
    polaris 1997 SL1050

    Default Power loss at around 56 mph on SL1050

    I have a 1997 Polaris SL1050. I hope that someone else has had this problem. The PWC starts fine and runs good until I run at high speed. I can get it to run to about 56 mph at which time the pwc will cut back speed and will not accept any throttle. At this point it sounds like it is miss firing or missing if I try to accelerate . I can let off the throttle for about a minute and than the PWC will run fine until I reach about 56 mph again. The spark plugs are new and the proper type and I have rebuilt the carbs. Note: If I run it at about 52 mph I don't have this problem. It seems it will only happen if I try to run at full throttle.
    Does anyone have any thoughts.

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    Sounds like you need a new stator. I think I might have one at my shop i will take a look.

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