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    Hi All,

    We just bought our first Seadoo last night - it's a 1994 XP. Internally, everything's great - fresh motor in it, so mechanically it's very good.

    The exterior is another story - it's not in terrible shape, but it's not where I'd like it to be - there is pretty good weathering and sun fading on all of the external plastics and the textured pads are in need of replacement.

    So with that said I start the journey of breathing some new life into her. To start, I have a few questions:

    1) The handlebar grips are pretty much rotted off - can I simply replace them with regular hand grips, or do they have to be specific (ie: could I use dirt bike grips seeing how they have colours that match the unit)? What dimensions do I need to know if I am shopping for new grips (ie: inside/outside diameter of handlebar, etc.)?

    2) The STOP and VTS buttons are in poor shape and I'd like to replace them - are they a single unit, or are the rubber components (buttons) separate?

    3) Is there a way I can bring new luster back to the faded plastic? Is there any solvents / waxes / rubbing compounds / etc. that I could use to brighten up the plastic?

    4) Is this unit strong enough to pull a tube? I'd like to throw my kids on the back of it in one.

    5) I couldn't tell if the VTS was working or not - is there a way I can at least activate the electronics while not in the water without starting the motor?

    Any other hints, tips or advice would be welcomed. As far as I can see this unit is stock with no aftermarket parts on it.



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    1. You can buy some aftermarket grips that will work. Anything that is 7/8 or 120mm

    2. No idea on this one.

    3. Yes a product like valugard etr would work well. It was a dealer product used by Chrysler and Mazda.. If the gel coat is faded buff or sand then coat with wax..

    4. I am almost sure it is illegal to pull a tube on just a two seater....

    5. Once again no idea...

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    Quote Originally Posted by striker27 View Post

    4. I am almost sure it is illegal to pull a tube on just a two seater....
    You are correct. You need 1 seat for each person. Driver, spotter and 1 person on tube, even though they are not on the PWC...... If something happens to the tube, they need to have a seat.

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