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    victoria bc

    Default 2009 Superjet with over 20k in mods very nice shape 9800$ or trade for an sxr plus $

    2009 Superjet in very nice shape imported from Florida, but my wife wants an SXR. I bought this as second ski for my wife and I . I have a 2012 Blowsion built Superjet. Too much ski for her. It has-
    13/16 modified skat trak impeller
    -wx1 intake grate
    -wamilton's composite ride plate
    -wamiltons stubby cone
    -wammers MOD factory b pipe w dual cooling
    -modified mikuni 38.oomm carbs w dual lines
    -billet throttle drum
    -msd ignition
    -msd plug caps
    -ada billet head
    -blowsion throttle lever
    -wamiltons engine lock washers
    -blowsion engine keepers
    -odi lock on grips
    -0 degree freestyle bars
    -wamiltons easy steer system
    -rrp pole
    -rrp accesories for pole
    -freestyle porting
    -wamiltons foot holds and mat kit
    -blowsion chin pad
    -wamiltons scupper valve
    -35cc domes
    -carbon v force reeds
    -flush kit
    -carbon reinforced hull
    -lowered hood and nose piece
    I may have forgotten a few things but you get the picture. The ski is in great shape, and is very powerful.

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    Ajax, ON
    Polaris Octane and Yamaha WaveBlaster

    Default Superjet

    I have a 2003 Kawasaki SXR 800, excellent condition, rare, comes with kawasaki cover, blowsion carbon fiber ride plate, intake grate, aftermarket pole spring, call Derik @905-767-6932, let me know if you would like to trade.


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