OK guys!
Im not on this website a hole bunch but i will try and watch a little more. im normally on the "x". Me and and some guys other guys from all over alberta and saskatchewan and even BC are going to have one last ride on october 19-21 around cold lake area. Ethal lake and Crane lake to be exact. Between the few of us we have quite a variaty of aftermarket skis including:
rickter xfr - dasa 950
bob gen 3 - jw 888
bob gen 3 - dasa 950
bob gen 3 - dasa 1000
trinity matrix pro - dasa 1100
trinity matrix - 865
rickter fs1 - 701
bob gen 2 - ported 701
several super jets
several sxr's and other kawis

Were probably gunna have a competition for best trick. we should have a wakeboard boat or 2 out there as well. hope to see you guys out there!!!!
p.s. most of the guys are very generous in lending out there ski's for people to try out.

anyways PM me for details or call me at 780-872-6777. my name is Ryan.