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    Default kawasaki 650sx running problem (stops whent its tilted)

    Hello! I have an 89 650sx

    I gat water in the engine about 2 weeks ago, so I tilted the jet ski and gat all the water out, changed the spark plugs and put gas with oil in the carburator and inside the head cylinder. then tilted it and let it dry this a couple of times. then it starts perfect.

    however when Its running at the moment when I fall in the water and the jetski gets tilted, (sideways), when I get back on it it doest run well.

    it sounds like there's not good combustion so I stay on the accelerator and after a while it seams to me that it drys or something because it starts running normal again. Until I fall off again and it does the same thing over and over and over.......

    I'm thinking there's still water in the engine..... Is anyone familiar with this situation??? if its water how can I completely dry it out?? if its something else what could it be???

    thanks a lot

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    what kind of shape is your hood seal in? if your hood seal is in rough shape, it will leak like a siv when submerged. i had the exact same issue a couple months back. i replaced the hood seal and upgraded to a yamaha oem flame arrestor. problem solved
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    Its not in bad shape.

    a friend told me its the carburator diafragm......

    we'll see

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