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    Default 1996 superjet buying question

    Hello! I'm new and was looking to buy my first Jet-ski! I was looking for an older model as i assume it would be much cheaper and i am also a beginner. I have come across a 1996 superjet that is for sale and would like someone with a little more knowledge opinion about it. Is this the type of watercraft that I am looking for?? Any suggestions??

    Here is the sellers description:

    Mint 96 superjet , custom paint, stk motor, rebuilt carbs, upgraded intake grate+ride grate, different handlebars and new air filters.

    What do you think this is worth?? $$$
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    It depends on where your buying it as to what it's worth. In Canada I would say a clean stock ski like that would be $4500-5300. But in the states it would be priced around $3000-4000

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