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Thread: MY FINGER!!!!

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    Default MY FINGER!!!!

    I took the day off work to attend the 30th birthday surprise party of a friend. Before I left, I installed a new DVDR in my PC. So, after the party I returned home and ordered a pizza. When it arrived, I ran downstairs excited as a kid at christmas, grabbed the old DVDR off the couch and proceeded to toss it into the junk room 10ft away. Well, something caught the skin on my right index finger and tore the last inch of skin/tendant/nerves right off. I was 3 sheets to the wind trying to figure out where the hell all the blood was comming from before I even noticed what happened. The doc called it a partial amputation. So, I'm off work for a few days drowning in percosets.

    Let's take a moment to give thanks that it wasn't my thumb.

    PS: I'll be on the lake by noon ... without the percosets of course.


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    I hope your not a computer tech at work


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