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    Default Need help buying my 1st Jet Ski please!

    Hi hi,
    Joined the forum to hopefully get some good advice on what I need to know to buy myself a jet ski. Only used one a few times but am in love and want to own one for myself! :P

    Looking at ads online for used ones and not really sure how to tell what I need to should get.

    It would be primarily ocean used. What should I consider knowing this?
    I live DT Vancouver. So storage might be an issue if its a large 3 seater I am thinking.
    Are there preferable brands? Mainly i see Kawasaki and Seadoo.
    When buying used, what do I need to find out other than usage hours?

    Any assistance is appreciated!

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    Dunnville Ontario
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    Most important thing to check is compression ! Buy yourself a compression tester for $50. It may save you thousands in the long run.

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