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    Windsor, Ontario
    1989 Kawaski X2

    Default Parts for Sale Kawasaki ZXI 900 TS 650 SX X2 and JS

    I have too many parts some I listed on Evilbay but decided I would put a list on here. Most smaller items are free shipping unless they are bigger then I would ask you cover shipping if interested.

    -Dual Keihin Carbs no choke plates $100 shipped
    -Dual 750 Keihin Manifold $30 shipped
    -SX/X2 Stock Exhaust $35 shipped
    -Stock X2 Steering Stem $40 shipped
    -Stock X2 Bars $25 shipped
    -RH and LG rubber Trim that goes along the back edge of XS $60 shipped
    -RH Trim for back of X2 painted white $30 shipped
    -X2 Gas lid cover (white) 50 shipped
    -X2 Handlebar Pad in great shape $40 shipped
    -SX Handpole Pad $40
    -X2 Upper Trim LH and RH that houses trim control and other side has stock tilt through it $50 shipped
    -X2 Trim Control $40 shipped
    -X2/SX stock Waterbox $50 shipped
    -X2 Stock Ride Plate $30 shipped
    -X2 Start Stop switch with choke control $40 shipped
    -X2 Drive Shaft $30 shipped
    -Drive Shaft Seals $20 shipped
    -650 Bottom End good crank and good cases $150
    -Keihin Carb Adapter $20 shipped
    -Stock SX Ride Plate $20 shipped
    -PJS Ride Plate 70 shipped
    -Stock Impeller $30
    -SX ebox $30 shipped
    -X2 coil wires plug ends are cut
    -X2 Seat Latch $15 shipped
    -X2 steering cover pad the one that has the u shape $30 shipped

    1995 ZXI 900 Green and Puruple
    -ZXI Front Storage Cover $40 Shipped
    -ZXI Complete Cowl with gauges $100 Shipped
    -ZXI Front Seat Piece $20 shipped
    -ZXI Seat Needs Recovering $50 shipped
    -ZXI Grab Bar $25 shipped
    -ZXI bumper nose trim $35 shipped
    -ZXI rear bumper $50 shipped
    -ZXI LH and RH side Rubrails $90 shipped
    -ZXI Pump with stainless impeller $150 shipped
    -ZXI Pump Shoe $45 shipped
    -ZXI Nozzle $25 shipped free if you buy the pump
    -ZXI Ride Plate $$30 shipped
    -ZXI Drive Shaft $30 shipped
    -ZXI Sponsoons $50 shipped
    -ZXI Handle Bar Cover $20 shipped
    -ZXI steering post $25 Shipped
    -ZXI Tachometer (extra one) $30 shipped
    -ZXI Handle Bars $25 shipped
    -ZXI Gas Tank $10 have to get a quote on shipping

    -TS complete 650 Electronics
    -TS Drive Shaft $30
    -TS Oil Tank $20 shipped
    -TS Gas Tank $10 have to get quote on shipping
    -TS Start Stop Switch $30 with shipping
    -TS Stock Ride Plate $30 shipped
    -Keihin Carb clean $50 shipped

    JS Parts

    -Westcoast Intake Grate $30 shipped
    -Engine Hood in VGC $50 shipped
    -550 stock impeller $30 shipped
    -Stock Intake Grate $20 Shipped
    -Stock Ride Plate $25 shipped
    -Aftermarket bars and turn plate $40 shipped
    -JS/SX Handpole Spring $35 shipped
    -550 Muffler Chamber $25 shipped
    -Older style start stop switches $40 shipped
    -K&N air filter adapter $15 shipped
    -Choke Plate $10 Shipped with cable $20 shipped
    -I also have a fuel tank block off there is a billet piece that covers the filler hole and a plug that goes in the tank no name on them $90 shipped
    -metal coupler cover (2) each $20 shipped

    All prices I found were based on ebay so if your looking for something contact me and I'll put up some pics of stuff and no "reasonable offer" will be refused. As always if you buy more there is more room to work. I also live in Windsor, Ont and shipping to the USA I have to cross the border which cost me $10 plus fuel. Thanks For looking.

    If I don't have what your looking for listed just ask. I might have it. This was just the stuff I could think of off the top of my head.

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    KAWI X2, GP1200


    Hey , do you have the hull mounted speedo sensor from the ZXI? If so, does work and how much $ ? I'm at l4t1r5

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    Chris - Do you still have the TS start stop switch? Does it have a lanyard kill switch?

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