With the sun comming out and the people hitting the beach, I thought we'd go over the rules one more time for safety sake. :) It's up to us, the riders, to make sure people get the right impressions when we hit the local rivers, lakes, and ocean parks. Be cool and have fun!

Launch ramp etiquette. Be considerate and efficient when launching your personal watercraft. Prepare your craft beforehand, and perform all safety checks before you get to the water. Launch quickly and quietly.
Noise. Be considerate of waterfront property owners and others near and on the water. Excessive noise from poorly maintained or modified exhaust systems disturb others and is illegal in many areas.

Environment. Respect ecologically-sensitive areas. Don't spill fuel or oil and don't leave litter or other pollutants where they don't belong. Be sensitive to marine life; the water is their home.
Other water enthusiasts. Personal watercraft riders must share the waterways with other boaters, fishermen, swimmers, surfers, and skiers, so respect their rights to safety, access, and use of the water.
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