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    Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
    Kawasaki SFX 15F

    Default Hello fellow members

    New to jet skiing this year. Owned a ponton boat for family use which was limited and not feasible for single or even a couple of people. High in maintenance costs and limited capability our lake (lake Winnipeg). Sold unit and bought kawasaki 2013 STX 15F and looking for a second one so that can go out on lake either by myself or with family members. Also looking to go fishing with fishing basket attachment on back. Very excited. Been snowmobiling for the past 4 years now will have something to do in the summer. Also, as with our snowmobile club we do club rides and looking to establish a local jet ski club for informal group rides over the summer. We have wonderful places to go such as hecla island marina/resort, winnipeg beach marine and gimli marina. Any help/advice on setting up a informal club and other events would be very much appreciated.


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    Hey Tardis,

    How did you make out with the fishing thing off a PWC, I found this the other day in a Royal Catalogue I get to the house:

    Royal Distributing catalogue listing for Maverick Fish Hunter fishing gear. It says you can turn a PWC into a fishing machine. Here's the catalogue: , I looked up the site here: and found them on YouTube as well:

    I looked at some of the prices on coolers and cages, they are expensive, you ever fall off the machine and try to get back on from the back, they look awkward to get back on.

    Royal is having a sale this week, I think I'll make the investment but wondered if you had any advice?

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