Hi everyone, my name is Grant and I'm writing from Corner Brook, NL! Bet ya didn't think there were any jetskiiers down here!! Haha.

It's my first time writing as I only just stumbled across this forum and figured someone here might be able to help or point me in the right direction!

I bought an 06 SXR limited build that was actually raced at the world finals. Has a joeys head, dry pipe, skat trak magnum pump, and a ton of other goodies. I bought it three summers ago, and it ran like a time piece all year. Put it away (fogged it out, bit of stabilizer, etc). When I took it out last year it just wouldn't work right. Won't rev just bogs when you hit the throttle. Had a few people look at it. Cannot figure out the problem. Thought it was loaded up at first, had carbs cleaned, tank cleaned, etc. Mechanic told me it just seems loaded up and to run it. Ended up hydrolocking it so I send complete motor away. Got it rebuilt. All reinstalled. Same problem. Just had carbs cleaned again and new diaphragms installed. No better.

Been chasing this for over a year and 3000 dollars. Still won't work and I'm ready to burn it. Is there anyone in Atlantic Canada who fixes jet skis? No one where I am have figured it out yet and I'm pretty much willing to leave the island to get it fixed. Closest spot I can find is Quebec jet crew. Was hoping to find someone closer but. I'm about to drive 20hrs with it to get repaired. Anyone else around? Hopefully someone can help!

Thanks in advance