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    Default Fraser River Fuel

    Anyone have a list of Marine Fuel on the Fraser River? I know the Chevron just east of MacDonald Park, Vancouver Marine in Richmond. I think there is one in Steveston. I was thinking of going up river, looking for a top up in New West, Coquitlam area.

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    Sadly not anymore


    There are a few but nothing right in New West. Shady Island is the closest and does have one.

    Here are some others:

    North Arm - Cheveron fuel dock is pretty much under the Auther Lange Bridge
    Middle Arm - Vancouver Marine is in the Middle Arm just West of the Moray Bridge on the South side of the River.
    Steveston - has their big Cheveron fuel dock just inside the harbor entrance.
    Ladner - Captain's Cover has a fuel dock.
    Pitt River - There used to be a fuel dock here but I haven't been this way in a few years and not sure anymore.

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