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    Wasaga Beach, Ontario
    1996 Seadoo GSX 787

    Default 1996 Saedoo GSX 787 - spring maintenance

    Hi everyone, new to owning a Seadoo and I have a few questions.

    I took it out on the lake yesterday for the first time, at first it smoked a lot and ran rough but after an hour it got better. However whenever I start it up it, even after its warmed up, it seems to stall out a few times before it will get going. Another problem that happened - After an hour at low speeds to burn off the fogging I opened it up to see how fast I could get going. It was revving around 6500 rpm and then just went down to 4500 rpm and now it will only run at that. Any advice what could the problem be?

    Now to my stupidity I did not put new spark plugs in it or clean the rave valves. I learned I should do this after I got it out of the water. I am going to try this today and see how it runs. It already has new plugs and wires from the previous owner. I am also going to put fresh fuel in it. Any other things I should look for?

    I am mechanically inclined when it comes to cars however water craft is new to me.

    Any advice would be great! Thanks!
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    First time Seadoo owner
    1996 Seadoo GSX 787

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