French Freerider wins the third stage of the World Champėonship of Freeride Jet Skis in the 2nd IFWA Freeride World Tour. The event happened in Montelivet, south of France and a lot of people watched the French victory. It was a not sunny spring day and even with big waves the public witnessed an incredible show. The crowd cheered and applauded the spectacular maneuvers of the freeriders. Second place was awarded to other local Pierre Maxient, actual world champion and the Italian Federico Bufacchi finish in third.

In the sit down category the victory belonged to South African Jimmy Visser in a final pitting him against the South African James Visser. The two freerides put on an amazing show for the finals.

Next stop it will happening in October in Ocean Side, California.

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Source: JetSki News
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