good morning guys and girls, im new to your forum and am looking at buying a couple of skis very soon. i already know this has been done to death here, but because im gonna be lazy about it im gonna ask anyways. which to avoid and which to consider?

my budget is around 14k max for 2 skis, im leaning towards sea-doo/brp for a few reasons. i love the way they look, ive ridden a few and loved them. they seem to be reliable from what ive heard. im looking for somewhere around a 2008 and up. id prefer one to be a supercharged and one to be a non super charged. or both SC'd. one is for me and the other is for my gf. I'll be riding the great lakes and a few smaller river systems. mostly lake erie and lake st clair. I may eventually consider pulling a tube as well.

any suggestions or info....or anything really would be appreciated. im very new to the PWC world and water sports in general so nothing is too newbish for me.

thinks in advance, nate.

also i apologize if this is in the wrong section.