Huh not too much goes on in this forum. Anyhow here is something to spice up this forum.

I built a 2015 FZS SVHO over the winter! Stock Supercharger.

Modded Stock Intake Grate
Solas 13/20R
Jim's Performance machined Ride plate
Cold Air Intake
Riva Gen3 Supercharger shaft
Fizzle Y1000 Intercooler with Tial Blow off Valve
Dedicated cooling line to Fizzle
Ribbon Delete
Tommy Jordon Exhaust Mod
Jim's Performance modded waterbox
Dean's Team ECU Flash. RPM limit 8850

Currently running 85.3mph (137kph) At 8400rpm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty hard to attach pictures because this forum says photo is too large.....I'm not going to resize every photo.

If you ride in Ontario around Lake St.Clair or St.Clair River hit me up!