I have a 1996 780 SLX that ran perfectly. Then a friend tipped it over while riding. He had not secured the electrical box properly, so when he went to start the machine (now full of water) there was a huge electrical short. The black wire from the stator burned right back to the inside of the electrical box. Thankfully no other (visible) damage is apparent.

I had the stator replaced (used part, I was assured that it functioned perfectly). NOTE: the stator was from a 1996 780 SL, not a SLX but the part # in the Polaris book is identical, and the two parts (and wiring colours) are identical. I re-connected all of the wires from the stator back into the electrical box. To my surprise, the MFD lit up, and I was able to start the motor!!!

First lake test... warmed the ski up, and cruised around 1/2 throttle. Then I decided to peg it (full throttle). It pulled hard for about 10 seconds (approaching 50+ MPH) then STOPPED. Not even a sputter. The engine cut out as if I had pulled the safety tether switch. I was able to re-start the ski, and it runs nicely. UNLESS you peg the throttle, then it DIES.

Prior to all of the above, the ski ran perfectly, never had an issue. The fuel in the tank is relatively new, the spark plugs are relatively new.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated - I'm stumped. I've got some ideas, but I want to see what the smart guys out there suggest. Huge advance thank-you...