Hello everyone,

I am new to ski's and have myself in the middle of a lil situation here. I recently purchased a project kawi JS off a guy who had it sitting for many years. He told me that the engine at some point had been upgraded to a 550. After many hours of self educating I believe I have a 1976 JS 400 hull (identified by the vin tag), a 1976 JS 400 engine bottom end (the drive coupler is held on by a bolt, not threaded on) and a 1981 or newer 550 engine top end (the piston has the single tapered ring and the cylinder heads bolt pattern matches that of a diagram that i found, showed all the different years etc) This engine was all together and looked to be running at one time.

So my problem is that my camshaft is worn pretty badly and I would sooner replace it, but camshafts and parts for the 76 seem to be impossible to find. Would a newer JS series camshaft fit and function the same with this situation?

Your help is appreciated. Let me know if you need any other info regarding this ski.