I am having problems with my 1993 750SX stand-up jet ski.
On the first run of the season it ran good for about 30 seconds. Then I think I heard a "pop" or "bang" from the engine compartment. It then stalled. It would restart, but would bog down and stall when I opened the throttle.
This is a one carb machine and I have cleaned the carb.
The reeds look great.
Compression in both cylinders is 145 psi.
The rear cylinder was wet with oil and the piston top is black.
The front cylinder was clean.
Both spark plugs fire a blue spark and my in-line spark tester indicates they are both firing.
There was a couple of litres of water in the hull after the short run. This is unusual on this boat. I can't see any hull damage that would explain this.
There is a rust stain (like rusty water dripped and dried up) at the back of the engine under the electrical box. I have not opened up and inspected the electrical box yet.
Does anyone have any suggestions?