Hey PWC Owners,

I'm a newbie into the PWC world. I just recently bought a used 2012 RXP-X 260. It has 123 Hours on it and I know there are some fixes I need to do such as Supercharger rebuild kit, The Impeller and Wear Ring is definitely in need of replacing which I purchased as well cause I can hear cavitation as i'm riding.

I've been having a long continuous beep sometimes and it telling me to Check Engine. My friend said it means that the Ski is overheating. I checked the coolant and it looks fine... I did the compression test on the coolant bottle and it was holding pressure. I did a oil change and a coolant flush and the coolant wasn't milky so it doesn't look like it's a Head gasket issue. Prior to this it seemed like there were leakage from the cap. But after doing the flush it doesn't seem so anymore. The Ski still sometimes pop the Check Engine with a loud continuous beep, i'm wondering if it could be because of the cavitation from the wear ring / impeller. Any Ideas?

I would love to see any other mods that other RXP-X 260 owners have done to their ski, I want to try to add music like the newer skis (Not sure if that's a good idea or not) but if you have it on your Ski please show me and give me some ideas.

Anyone also done LED Drain Plugs? Wouldn't mind getting my hands on something like that and set it up as well. Would love to know where you guys get your drain plugs.

Thank you for taking your time reading this and giving me feedback.