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    Default ANNC: IJSBA race legal Jet Wings sponsons now on sale

    Hello everyone,

    I'm proud to announce that the new race legal Jet Wings ultra high performance sponsons are now available. Jet Wings are a revolutionary hydrodynamically correct design that will give your ski the handling you've always wanted: phenomenal high speed stability, unreal cornering, even a slighly higher top end!

    Here's what Group K's Harry Klemm says about Jet Wings:

    "By far the best feature of these sponsons is that they offer a quantum increase in straight line stabilty and high speed turning precision. The safety margin of this improved handling alone could be worth the money... if there were no speed increase at all. In our minds eye, gaining this big margin of handling safety ... and gaining a bit of speed, makes these sponsons a damn good idea for any 70+ GPR.

    Bob Consoli, Kyle Consoli's tuner:

    "Well I have to tell you, I kept the packaging you sent the Wings in just in case I didn't like them and I wanted to send them back to you, but there is no way I want to part with them now. They were fantastic. Just like you said the ski tracked straight as an arrow even though the conditions were extremely rough. A 25mph wind with lots of boats can make Havasu on a 3 day weekend very PWC user unfriendly. I was able to ride even faster than usual because I wasn't worried about being pitched off at an angle. 1 of my hand grips even came off and I was still able to ride with confidence since the ski tracked so straight. The ski hooked up better, planned faster, and actually road a lot smoother in pure crappy conditions. For a reason I cant figure out yet, it seamed I even had less spray from the bow. For recreational riding in crap water the Wings are a must have."

    Canada's own Rob Borycki:

    "But I have to admit, myself and colleagues were very impressed, there probably the best sponsons ive ever ridden with...Overall compared to the industry standard blade or flat sponson these open up a whole new world of pwc handling. The boat turned on rails but was physically easier on the body then with the old style. The wing design creates a lot of downforce and it helped to keep the front of the nose planted through the rough stuff and corners. I found that my hydraulic trim was needed less and I could keep my hands always on the bars. High speed stability was phenomenal and you could not ask for a better ride, especially on a high performance race craft."

    If you race to win, you need Jet Wings! Get the whole story at Jet Wings

    Aloha from Maui,


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