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    help please!!
    i am a 4 stroke car engine builder/and dealership service mgr but just bought my first 2 stroke 1997 seadoo gtx. while driving two sundays ago in 6+ feet of water the engine started running rough. ran fine for the first half hour. starts up ok but from mid range up it runs poorly and the idle isn't great. can someone send me suggestions? changed spark plugs but no difference. i was told i can take the rubber hose off the front of the head and make an adaptor to run a garden hose to run it out of the water? want to purchase a basic manual to do most of the work, any suggestions? the impeller area is free of debris
    thank you in advance, joel

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    there could possibly be some gunk in your rave valve. it's two stroke timing on a sea doo. could also have gummed carbs.

    or you may have pre mixed your gas, when you have an oil injection system. too much oil = fouling.

    your cooling system should already have a garden hose adapter on it. look at the line directly aft of the engine. should be some kind of a screw cap there. you can attach a hose that that point.

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    for running the ski on a hose, there is an adaptor on the left side of the pump that your hose can hook directly into. no need to mess with the cooling lines. always start your ski first, then turn on the water otherwise you will fill the engine up with water. to shut down, turn off the water, then the ski.

    as for the running problems. change the fuel lines if they haven't been changed yet. standard 1/4" ID automotive fuel line works. check the main fuel filter and the internal carb filters. the fuel lines are nearly 10 years old and are renowed for breaking down and leaving a brown gummy substance in the filters. once they get too clogged, it will lean out the engine and seize. if the carbs are out, you might as well rebuild them too. kits are available.

    another common problem is the rectifier. it is in the front grey box and has 3 yellow wires and one red one. disconnect the red one and ride it to see if the problem goes away. don't run too long as your battery will not be charging. these are around $60 and always good to have a spare in the toolbox.

    could be the raves as doug mentioned. easy to pull out and check, but if you remove the black cap and they move freely, they should be ok. i like to clean mine once a season just to be safe, but not really needed that often.

    manuals are cheap on ebay.

    good luck.

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    Joel, first things first. Under the front storage compartment, and on the right side (if sitting on machine) you will see a fuel filter / water separator. Unscrew it and take a look at the screen. If it's really dirty, then chances are the small micro filters inside the carbs are dirty as well.

    If Rave's are dirty it will also cause a loss in power from about 4500 rpm and up.

    Bombardier did have a problem with fuel lines, but only on later model XP Limited's. Your GTX should be okay.

    If it is an electrical problem then it will sound like the limited coming on. Simple test is to just rev it up on the trailer. Most electrical problems will occur on or off the water whereas fuel will show problems under load.


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