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    I have a 96 sea doo gti 720 that will not start its sat up for about a year in a half or so but was running before the steering cable had broken and ran out of time to ride the motor is turning over but is really really slow it probably needs a new battery but the starter is fine i used a charger stright to starter leads but only turns over like it should when spark plugs are removed does anyone have or had similar problems and if so what were the problems

    Please Help!!!!!

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    vancouver bc


    this would be easier to understand if there were sentences there.


    the steering cable will have nothing to do with starting.

    if it has sat for a year and a half, you might want to fog the cylinders before doing a crankover, just in case. if the rings are gummy, this will help free them.

    i wouldn't use the charger to start the boat, as it may damage the electronics. you are better off trying to charge the battery, or get a new one if it won't hold a charge.

    you are going to have to clean out the fuel system, the carbs, and just about everything else to get it going, and have it not run rough.


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