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    Default Help with 92 650

    Bought a used 650 1992 , put in a new cdi, new coils, new carb, new battery. finally got it to run but now i can't shut it off with the off switch or the lanyard.
    Any suggestion would be appreciated

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    vancouver bc


    the lanyard and the off switch both should ground out the ignition, stopping spark.

    try and find a wiring diagram and make sure they in fact function that way, and are attached to a ground.

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    Thanks for the help, turn out that the ground ( black )wire was corroded from one end to the other.
    Finally had it out for a spin, seem to work fine , but I'm still not sure if I install the plugs in the correct order. The engine runs either way. There is no mention in the Manual how to tell for sure that you have the correct order?????

    any suggestion?

    Thanks again!


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