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    Default XL800 tough to start


    I have a 2000 Yamaha XL800. I get to ride it every 2nd or 3rd weekend in the Summer. Its still in good shape.

    Once its going it is great for the weekend.... but getting it to start is difficult. Seems like its not getting gas.... almost like it needs to be primed manually.

    I talked to an other Yamaha owner and he said he had similar issues.

    Is there a process to manually prime an XL800 or can someone suggest a potential issue I should have looked at. I took it into the shop previously and the tech said he manually primed it and it worked right away ?

    For my bugjet this is a great machine but Its very frustrating to start?

    Let me know if you have any advise?

    Thanks for any help

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    i recall hearing somewhere about a priming kit....but not sure if it was for your year ski.

    I'd recommend checking compression (its easy to do). My 99 GP800 was getting harder to start until finally it wouldnt at all. Turned out to be a blown head gasket and some minor piston damage. Once repaired, it became *much* easier to start again. I know you've babied your ski and all, but these things can fail unpredictably.
    Also, lets not forget the obvious...check your fuel filter and better yet replace it, along with spark plugs and other routine maintenance stuff.
    Good luck!

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    See member Chester for the priming kit info. He says it works great.

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    Yes, a primer is the only way to go. With a primer installed, it'll start just as easy the first time as it does the rest of the day. That way you won't run your battery down and it'll drastically extend the life of your $500 - $600 starter. When I had my shop, The Jet Factory, primers & batteries were my best sellers.

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