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    Poorcanuck, how is your dolly working?
    The design looks very efficient and well thought out, although the bunk supports look like they might not handle a lot of weight without bending.

    My wife signed me up for a welding course at a college for a xmas present so I'm thinking of building a couple just for the experience as well as it would be handy for storage. Any lessons learned would be appreciated.

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    I'm not sure how its going to work out as I sold my PWC last fall & haven't replaced it yet.
    Although I'm looking for a fairly light 2 seater (XP maybe?) I've spec'd it to take over 1,000 lbs. Each wheel is rated at 350 lbs. As for the bunks, I've used the same set up on my dock for a GTX SC (about 900 lbs), it works fine. There's a bit of flex in the wood, which lets it form nicely to the hull.
    Lessons learned...
    1)I didn't drill the bunk posts quite low enough, as a result a couple of the wheels catch on them a bit when turning it hard.
    2) On my dock set up, there's always tremendous outward pressure on the bunks form the weight of PWC. I'm not sure what this will mean on the dolly. I suspect at 600lbs it will be fine, though at 900lbs I may need to put some angle iron on to reinforce the posts.
    3) I bought the U bolts from the USA. Jamestown Distributors, Great prices, and lots of selection
    4) I've only bolted the frame together, it seems very solid, but it was a painfull exercise. Welding may be better. The frame is alluminium so I think it would be trickier to weld.
    5) the outside dimensions of the frame are 24" by 36", and the bunks are 60" 2x4's

    Hope this helps.

    If you make something, post photos. and if you've got more Qs, ask away.
    Yearning a ride!!!

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    Thanks for the great info, poorcanuck. I'll let you know what I come up with.

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    Not sure if they still have them, but there were a couple of XPs listed at Boats In Canada.

    Hope this helps in your quest for your next ride!


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