Pro Freestyle finals
Eric Malone wins with 49.6 points
Fumikazu Watanbe takes second place with 48.8 points
Anthony Burgess takes third place with 47.1 points
Anthony's PWC broke at the end of his two minute routine and he did the wake boat jump later.
Jeremy Parr takes fourth place at with 46.6 points
Jason Stoyer takes fifth place at with 46.3 points

Pro Freestyle qualifying
Eric Malone
Fumikazu Watanbe
Anthony Burgess
Jeremy Parr
Jason Stoyer

Amatuer Freestyle
Anthony Burgess wins with 46 points
Patrick Bogart takes second place at with 45.1 points
Everson Prodocimo takes third place at with 44.3 points
Nac Floriancic takes fourth place with 44.2 points
John Kaszer takes fifth place 43.7 points
Larry Stephen takes sixth place with 43.4 points
Derek Kemnitz takes seventh place with 42 points
Shizuko Yagi takes eighth place with 41.7 points
Larry Sarinana takes ninth place with 39.4 points
Vaclav Zacek takes tenth place 38.8 points
Lorin Lowe takes eleventh place with 38.4 points
Bas Reitsma takes twelfth place with 38.4 points
Brian Tenor takes thirteenth place with 38.4 points
Robert Crossley Jr takes fourteenth place with 36.2 points
Rick Nies takes fifteenth place 36.2 points
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