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    Hi. My name is Khaine Smith. I`m Canadian but live and race PWCs in Japan. Unfortunately, it is very hard to get Japanese sponsorship for a foreigner. I`m the only foreign racer in Japan and the first one as far I can find out that races and lives here.
    I`m trying to find sponsorship in Canada and was wondering if you could help me out or direct me to those that can. I`d appreciate any help, thank you

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    Hi there!

    I know a racer in Japan that will probably be help to you. If you want, I'll get his email for ya... let me know!

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    Hi Susan. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner but the NEw Year season has been hectic. I would appreciate any help you can offer and if you can forward your friends email to me that would be awesome. Thank you. - Khaine


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