Sorry, but we must change one date of the calendar 2007 of the European Championship because of the World Championship Offshore in Oleron, France.
Different teams want to participate in Oleron-competition and there is no other way for Oleron than to have our initial date in June. We donít want to punish the riders, so we will move our date. We keep you posted soon
All the other dates are the same as were programmed before.

Corona Extra is the main sponsor of the Tour, so they have to take part in the decision we take about the venues, we are still waiting for the final decision, but here you go for what will probably be the final:

May 4-5-6: Place to be determined (probably Livourno or Jesolo in Italy)

June 29-30 July 1: This date is no good anymore, we change the date because of Oleron, the new date will be communicated soon. Place to be determined (probably Zandvoort in the Netherland)

July 20-21-22: Portugal Mirandela

August 17-18-19: Place to be determined (probably Antwerp in Belgium)

September 14-15-16: France Disney

We keep you posted about the final decision soon !

Source: JetSki News
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