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    i have a 1998 xp limited which died in the middel of the lake this summer
    will not beep for key like it use too
    no sign of life at all not cranking, nothing. has anyone ever encountered this problem?
    please let me know on what it was and what the fix was really appreciate it.

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    i'm not sure of the electronics on the newer xp's, but there is a 15a fuse in the electrical box (not sure if front or rear). this controls all your electronics. check your fuses then check to make sure your grounds are good. the main ground to the starter is known to break off from time to time especially if you jump waves and ride it hard. from what you described my bet is a ground cable no good.

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    hey thansk alot i will try checking the ground thanks again i will let you know if it fied the problem

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    If all fuses/ground looks good, you may need to re-program the key. Happened to me last Summer.


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