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    have been on YOU TUBE checking out some crazy videos of some of the guys south of the border creek runs some amazing wave jumps etc... was hooked up to another forum didnt know a canadian content existed till know will converse later with you all redneck rider from georgian bay owen sound

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    hello, welcome, what ski are you riding?
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    Hello regan

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    d roc i currantly have a polaris sltx 1050cc 120hp lots of uuuumph but get kinda bored just bombing around. I have numerous friends now that are about to purchase rides and i am also looking for something.. Not quite sure maybe a sea doo 3d, will try one in the spring, saw some stand ups on you tube and they seemed interesting but I like the idea of the diff purposes of the 3d and the 130hp. some awesome vids on you tube of guys running creeks and rivers as well as white water out in bc, asked our american brothers but got no responses from them as did another guy from ontario about rivers just stumbled upon it on you tube like this site will talk later

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    Well its really a site about pwc so i won't harp on any sitdown riders for riding a sitdown, but if your not the braggin rights type or get a new and the best every year type then at least tryout a standup BEFORE your next purchase, try a 3d, and then try a superjet or sxr or sxi/pro. don't impulse buy if your looking to take a different turn in the sport. also after a enough mods and you break the 100hp range on a standup you'll have a hardcore ski for sure (if wrenchin for hp is your thing) you will never get bored riding a standup as your skill is always improving except on hangover days, lots of modding to keep you busy and wallet empty, you'll be able to goto freestyle rides and gatherings. I try to promote the sport of riding standups as much as i can and am always looking for more friends to meet and ride with. As for ontario redneck riders me and steve ride outta dunnville, we have a couple of other guys that ride in town but just not very often, St Catherines has a crew, Hamilton, Burlington, London, Toronto, Grandbend, Sarnia, all have small groups of standup riders and usually get together for freestylefest in ipperwash beach during the summer. Feel free to ask any questions about anything standup related. this site is kinda quiet and could use some jetski conversations to help us through the winter.
    1996 SuperfrickenJet


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