Grey whale in the Fraser River
By ROBYN STUBBS -- 24 Hours-Vancouver

A lone grey whale with very bad directions has ended up in the murky Fraser River instead of the picturesque Baja peninsula.

First reported by a tugboat operator Monday morning near the Port Mann Bridge, and seen again yesterday off the New Westminster Quay, the grey whale is 20 miles upriver - and a long way from home.

Pacific grey whales usually pass through B.C.'s coastal waters on their way to the Mexican Baja peninsula in November and start heading north again in February.

The whale's appearance here in January, never mind in a fresh water river, has left local marine biologists baffled.

According to B.C. Cetacean Sightings Network co-ordinator Bethany Lindsay, whales of any species are "almost never" seen in this part of the Fraser.