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    Default Suggested Bolt-on mods for '98 GTI?

    Looking at picking up one of these and wondering what can be done to bump up the hp on it? Not looking to race or set any speed records obviously, just a little more pep, and maybe tow some kids around on a tube with it.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    what engine is in this ski? you could put flame arrestors, head, new impellor, a pipe. be aware that when you add the head and pipe you will need to run premium gas and the reliability of the engine will decrease.

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    enjoy the 85 hp or buy something bigger you can not increase hp without doing a combination so do yourself a favour and get a gtx 110hp and up

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    get a superjet
    grand river fish killer

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    ppl who love speed, don't buy SuperJets... haha


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