View Poll Results: what do I think about Sea-doo 3D's?

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  • A great innovation, versatile, looks like fun!

    6 21.43%
  • Kinda gimmicky, probably half assed at everything

    4 14.29%
  • I wouldnt buy one but might be good for some

    10 35.71%
  • Lame idea. Dont waste your money

    8 28.57%
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    Default What do you guys think of the 3D's?

    The prices seem to be dropping faster than for other Sea-Doo's, but reviews are scarce and kind of spotty. I'd consider one as an intro to standup riding.

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    i don't know, it would not be like riding a kawasaki, polaris,or yamaha standup. its in a class of its own, i 'm not thinking it be a good one. if you want a standup get a standup and if you want a sitdown get one and ride, thats the main thing. Standups are always fun because its something you need to work on to progress, it keeps the fun in it because each time you work at progressing, your payout is satisfaction of learning a new trick or variation of the trick. I ride several times a week all spring, summer, and fall and have not even gotten close to being bored with riding because i keep learning more. a 3-d IMO isn't going to bring that kind of passion to the riding.
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    Quote Originally Posted by D-Roc
    if you want a standup get a standup and if you want a sitdown get one and ride
    I agree with D-Roc

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    not to be rude if you wanna ride standing up,go superjet youll never go back......
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    Actually, I Used to think the same about 3-ds until i saw some crazy Videos on UTube..... Now, it's Sorta Catching my Eyes.. PLUS, this is the Last of "Pollution Engine" made by Rotax...


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