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    Default 2005 RXP, won't start

    Hello, new here and looking for advice.

    I have a 2005 RXP with 43 hours on it. I forgot to disconnect the battery when I put it away, so when I got it out this past weekend, of course the battery was drained, but not dead.
    I used a Booster to get it started and let it run for a while to charge the battery a little. Then I went to the lake, started it under it's own power, and put it. I drove it for about 5 minutes on fairly rough water before I accidentally pulled the D.E.S.S. off and the machine shut down. Well, it wouldn't restart. I thought that maybe it was just because of the added pressure from the water, so I figured, get it to shore and boost it again. No joy!
    I have not been able to restart the machine, at all. I get no error codes, and all of the fuses look good.
    When I put the D.E.S.S. on I get the normal beeps, hit the start button, and it turns the motor over a couple of times and the starter disengages, but I can still here is turning.

    Any ideas? Could it just be that the battery is no good, maybe bad cell?
    Help, Please!! It's riding season and I am jonesing for some waves!

    sorry for the long first post!

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    i would say that your batter is no good. either it needs to be charged longer or it needs to be load tested. put it on a charger for a couple of days and see how it works. charge it at the 2amp setting or trickle charge.

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    i agree with JayZ

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    Default Not the battery

    Well, I got a NEW battery, and it does the same thing. Every once in a while it will turn over for a little bit longer, and then quit again. After quite a few times, I did the procedures for a Fuel-Flooded start, (hold the throttle open while starting) and then it would actually start, albeit briefly and very rough.
    So, taking it a step further I removed the plugs to check them out, they looked fine, a little on the rich side, but not fouled. I continued with the procedures for a flooded engine and covered the cylinders with a rag and turned it over a few times, and right away I noticed something - The number two cylinder has very low compression. !
    One and three blow the rag out of the cylinder, but number two barely pulls or pushes anything.

    Is it possible that I somehow blew a hole in the piston?

    I have done NOTHING to modify this machine, and it was running normal when it stalled. (Remember that it stalled because I accidentally knocked the lanyard off of the post.

    Maybe blown rings?

    Or, is it normal for no. 2 to be a little low on compression? Doesn't sound right, but I have heard kookier things.

    Thanks again!


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    i don't know much about the 4tec engines, but low compression is never good. get a compression tester to verify that it is low and go from there.

    there is a ton of info on lots of good people there.

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    I put a scope in the no.2 cylinder, and while i can't see the whole piston, I can see a mark on part of it, looks like a valve may have broken loose and hit the piston!!

    It is in the shop now, and I will report back on what they find.


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