Hey everyone, I'm kinda new to the world of buying a PWC, but I have been riding for a few years on somefriends PWC's. I'm looking into buying my own this year and I have done alot or research and I like the Yamaha GPR1200. seem like a good reliable machine and fun to ride. I was just wondering if these prices were very good, average or over priced. I'm not to sure if they come with a trailer or not, but I will be finding out tomorrow.

GPR1200 2002 - 6,800

GPR1200 1998 - 4,800

so if you could give me you input on these that would be great. I can't really afford the $6,800, but thats the machine I really like. So depedning on what you say, hopefully I can get the price to come down lower than $6,000 with a trailer.