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    Default WTB Stand up Jet Ski in Ontario

    Hi there,

    I'm looking for a stand up Jet Ski. I'm located in the GTA ( Greater Toronto Area ).

    It doesn't matter if the machine is running or not. Please email or PM me please if you know of anyone with something that would interest me.

    Thank you,


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    here is an other from a buddy in hamilton.
    1996 SuperfrickenJet

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    I've looked at those you posted. They are over priced and I'm not looking for something that new. I can't see the one from your buddy in Hamilton. Please post anything that I might be interested in.



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    i can see the link. hmmm the site was down yesterday.
    1996 SuperfrickenJet

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    Hey there,

    I'm still looking for a stand up in GTA. I'm located in the east end. I would be ok with something that needs work. Preferably a 750. Open to sugestions.

    I did try to get a hold of your buddy in Hamilton but he never replied.


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    WTF Angelo! i am going to give him crap. i do know of a SN superjet in town that a buddy had posted in the paper. It may need a bit of work but his asking price is a tad bit high. I can look up his number and you can call him to see if you can work a deal out. I think he is moving and is getting rid of it.
    1996 SuperfrickenJet

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    Default Kawasaki Available

    I've got a 94 SX and a 97 SXI that I've been debating parting with. Ideally I sell them together. PM me if you are interested. I've attached a pic below.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails img_0341s_941.jpg  

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    that sxi looks just like my old one, great skis.
    1996 SuperfrickenJet

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    Default I have an 1989 650sx from kawasaki with trailer

    go to and go under boats under city of Guelph,and it shows pics,info,phone # and phone #.Contact me if you have any works great.Thanks, trevor


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