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    Default GOOD SETUP FOR 96 SPX?

    Hello everyone, I just bought my seadoo spx (718cc) last year and as yet have not modified anything except for removing the vts system that is a unreliable trim system (switched it to manual trim). I have just winterized it and now and I am starting to think about modifing the motor, impeller, ride plate, grate and so on. I am starting to find out that this seadoo's can be very tempemental, so I was wondering if anyone had a reliable setup that they have used to get more peformance out of the ski. As for the hull it has it 's fair share of nicks and scratchs, but I think I will tackel that next year. Thanks In advance

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    Hey there!

    Keith with RKC Performance is a great guy and I'm sure he'll help you out. I'll get him to chime in here. Best of luck with your ski!

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    I am assuming you are talking about a 96 SPX because of the engine size.
    I do not know how much you are looking to spend so I am doing them in my order of importance with out breaking the bank. Here are my recomendations.

    Worx Maxiloader Intake Grate : $101.00
    Worx Pro race Sponsons : $160.00
    Skat Impeller (pitch depends on if you what results you want) : $211.00

    K&N flame arrestor : $65.00
    Adaptors : $30.00
    ADA Head with 36 cc Domes : $225.00
    Carbon Tech rotary Valve : $45.00

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    What ever you do..dont get sucked in to buying new parts for this boat...there are thousands of used parts out there..just check any race site..if you are looking for motor mods, its the same motor as an HX and ever since the sport class died, they practicaly give the stuff away, and for the handling stuff? Everyone and there brothers are parting out 785 race boats, just find a racer and buy his stuff.

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    20001 yamaha waverunnerxl800

    Default seadoo riding

    hey vancouverman what do you think of this awesome weather we are having thinking of dropping my seadoo tomorrow,want to know if you want to hook up sometime for a ride in the fraser or out in the valley im from surrey and got 97 gtx and looking for good people to ride with thinking of starting up a pwc club for us locals what do you think??drop us a line at

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    Grrr, It was between 10-15 degrees for the last month or so here in calgary but it just started snowing again on saturday and the weather is turning into crap again!

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    Ahhh....but water temp doesn't shift too drastically...toss on the wet/dry suit and away you go ;-)

    The skis:
    No I'm not one of the fat bastards on the picnic table ;-)

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    yes its time to get the spider webs out of my ski and start thinking about getting on the water soon...thats if the warm weather stays [-o<

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    I was out last weekend....yee haw!!

    First good bail of the year too...had to get that out of my system...nothin like skipping across the water at 40mph ;-)

    The skis:
    No I'm not one of the fat bastards on the picnic table ;-)

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    chad that sounds good but I still have the seadoo in bits, I am waiting on some fuel system parts. Plus I dont have a wetsuit yet and it still a bit cold to go in shorts O well soon. I live in surrey too we will defitnaty go ride some time soon.


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