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    Default Operator Error or Crap Vehicle?

    Today I took my new (to me!) 1997 SeaDoo XP out for it's first run at Cultus Lake. After getting used to driving with a trailer, learning the joys of trying to use a boat ramp on your own, I finally got my craft in the water. Good news -it floated

    Riding it was VERY different from the other JetSki's I have ridden over the years. I am not sure how much of it is just me not being used to it yet vs. what might be a problem with the machine that I should have fixed. Any input/thoughts on which category the following challenges fall into would be appreciated.

    1) Gas guage not working - I assume this can be easily remedied at a service centre
    2) The instant I start the machine it jumps up to 3-4krpm. This means it doesn't 'idle'. with my hand completely off the throttle it is moving forward at 5-10km/h. This was very different from anything i have experienced before where you take your hand of the accelerator and the engine just idles and you don't move.
    3)The XP was VERY tippy. I flipped over 3x in an hour - something that I have never done before in a PWC. i am not sure if the XP is just top heavy and less stable than others I have used or if there is a problem. It seemed to sit very low in the water.
    4) Speed topped out at 80-85kp/h with a 180lb rider
    5) Engine seemed remarkably louder than other PWCs.


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    2) These models do not have a Rev/Neut/Forward option. As soon as you start the engine, you will be moving forward.
    3) 97XP is very tippy.. Great engine though.. Some prefer the X4 Hull (96XP, 97SPX, .....) for stability.
    4) Sounds about right.
    5) You get used to it..

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    Good - That makes me feel better about the investment As long as it is all learned curve vs. being saddled with a 'lemon' I am happy.

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    So that makes this operator error? Just kidding! See you out some time!
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    you could always adjust the idle if you think it's going too fast, i couldn't give you specifics on how to do it or what would be considered a good setting, but for the most part (like supradupafast said) it's fine!

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    Thanks! I took it into the local dealership service centre, and they tried to tell me it needed $2000 worth of repairs. Complete carb rebuilds, completely new RAVE exhaust system, new fuel tank baffle. Was not terribly impressed since i only bought 3 days before. It is going back into the original dealer to be looked at . Challenge is I am stuck with the service centre, who will over estimate what needs to be done in order to make money, and the original dealer who will underestimate because he dosen't want to be be responsible for extensive repairs - And unfortunately I am not knowledgable enough to knonw which one is closer to the truth.

    The joys of buying a used machine.


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