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    Default slt 780 bilge problem just wondering if anyone else has had a problem with the bilge on a 196 slt 780. What happened was i notice it started to run at a low speed when the ski wasnt even on. It was just enough to hear it without lifting the seat. The first time i didnt notice and it drained my battery completely and i was stuck!!! After that i put a metre on the line from the electrical panel and found there is a low reading even when the ski isnt running. I know it should only have power when the ski is on. So to finish the season i just by-passed hooked up the bilge to the battery and put in a switch. I would love to have it back to stock but unsure of the problem...any thoughts?

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    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    1996 polais slx 780


    Have the same Problem on my 1996 SLX 780..... replace the pump.... did not cure the problem.. to it to the local polaris dealer and they sid it was the voltage regulator need to be replaced.....

    Hopethis helps you

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    just a stupid question is the slt 750 supose to have a bilge pump or not cause mine dont have one


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