APBA National Tour Rounds 3 & 4 Results 6/03/07 - The 2007 APBA National Tour Rounds 3 & 4 from Myrtle Beach, SC are now in the record books. Rounds 3 & 4 provided some grueling weather and some great racing action.
Round 3 Results Link Here | Round 4 Results Link Here

Live Webcast of Rounds 3 & 4 at Myrtle Beach, SC from Smileyouron.tv 5/31/07 - We are a Media Production Company with a new idea that will offer live coverage via the Internet. Our goal is to team up with you and create a larger fan base for your event, from all over the world. Increase revenue and create media exposure.
APBA Link Here

Region 5 - Texas Supercourse Cancels Rds 3 & 4 at Lake Belton 5/28/07 - IMPORTANT INFORMATION - TeamSport Racing regrets to announce that Rounds 3 & 4 that were scheduled for Lake Belton have been cancelled. Cancellation is due to not having a park due to high water levels. Lake levels will not permit entry into the park. For those that have been there before, the water is ten feet from the pavilion.
Round 3 and Round 4 Series Final at Lake Bryan July 14,15. TeamSport has tentatively scheduled a double round during the event weekend for July 14th at Lake Bryan. TeamSport will host Rounds 3 & 4 at Lake Bryan July 14th and 15th, 2007
Racers will still be allowed to drop their worst round. Final scoring will be comprised of 3 of the 4 rounds instead of 4 of the 5.

Region 8 - Upstate Watercraft Promotions Round 1 & 2 Results 5/24/07 - Upstate Watercraft Promotions recently completed Rounds 1 & 2 at Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Round 1 Results Link Here | Round 2 Results Link Here

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