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    Default Is insurance mandatory for PWC's in Ontario??

    Hey all, I'm looking at purchasing an old (1991) seadoo to play around with on those hot days, and I am just trying to get my ducks in order in terms for legalities and such. I'm totally new to this pwc/boat game, and I was wondering if insurance is mandatory in Ontario, and if so, what kind of insurance and where abouts would I look for it?

    Other than that I need my pleasurecraft operator card, ownership of seadoo, and license for the thing, right?

    Also, does anyone have any ball park figures on what it might be? I'm 22 with a clean record if it helps.

    Thanks so much!

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    Insurance is not Mandatory, but recommended, especially if you're going to ride on a busy lake/river. Ball park, around 200-400/year.
    On the water, you need PFD, Safety kit, Extinguisher, Vessel License, Operator's Card, and yourself.
    If you are buying one, Enjoy

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    Thanks for the response!
    Do you know what companies I might contact to get a quote? I know my auto insurance company does not insure anything other then cars, so I need a place that would be willing to give me a standalone quote. THanks!

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    Got a quote for $402 taxes in from marine expert. Liability only.
    A little more then I wanted to spend, but a lot cheaper then a couple mil if god forbid something happens.

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    402 is expensive for Liability only..

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    Do you have any suggestions on where else to call?

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    Just one of many. I am insured through my Car company (State Farm), but many others out there. Google is the way to go

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    Hmm I filled out an online quote from them but never heard anything back. My car and 4 wheeler companies (two different companies) both told me they do not do stand alone PWC policys. I guess I'll have to get the phone book out and do it the old fashioned way. IF you don't mind me asking, how much are you paying?

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    Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

    Default Try these guys....

    You might want to check out premiermarine dot com. I was able to get insurance at about two thirds of what my buddy pays for the same machine ('05 RXT) from Marine Expert. Good luck!

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