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    Default 97 sea doo XP, oil? 787 Rotax

    I purchased a 1997 Bombardier Sea Doo XP
    It has a 787 (110 hp) Rotax Engine
    Oil Injection (Separate Resovair)

    The previous owner ran BRP Synthetic Oil.
    I currently have "Bombardier Sea Doo 2 stroke injection" Oil, 4 liters, laying around my house.

    My question, which oil is better for my engine? I read that the synthetic is better for higher cc engines to help the RAVE valves from sticking. But in another place, I read "ONLY US 2 stroke injection oil, low ash"

    Another slight question, is it harmful to mix my Regular sea doo 2 stroke injection oil, with the synthetic oil already in the resovair? (If using non-synthetic is alright on my machine.

    A Gas question, is performance enhanced when using a premium grade, higher octane gasoline? Right now im using 87, regular fuel, ebating about switching.

    Thanks for all input!

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    stick with the synthetic stuff. if you want to switch over to another brand, the amsoil hp injector is good stuff and much cheaper than the brp oil. you can mix the synthetic with the synthetic, but use as much oil out of the tank as you can first. just to be on the safe side, i would not mix the regular oil with the synthetic. you should be fine, but not worth roasting an engine over. i would just drain the tank and change the oil filter.

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    Dryden, Ontario


    Shell advance is pretty good stuff from Crappy Tire. I use it summer and winter.


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