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    Default HELP!! '76 JS400 won't start

    Hi guys, I just bought a '76 JS400 over the winter and am having trouble getting it running.

    I just bought a new battery, spark plugs, gas and oil. I checked for spark and spark is there. Seems to have good compression.

    Big problem is that it turns over fine with no plugs, but acts like it has a dead battery with a new battery with a full charge. engine seems to turn free when turned by hand at the drive coupling.

    Is this a bad sarter?? What else could be the problem?

    thanks for any help!


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    sounds like a weak starter. The new battery has a good charge and once you install the plugs the compression is making it hard to turn over??? I would yank off the starter and take it apart. clean the brushes and the armature and clean up the bearings. try and put some lubrication on the bearings after you clean them up. also check your ground connections.
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    Ok thanks I'll do that, the starter was siezed when i first tried but then started turning so i figured it was ok, but i will definately pull it out and clean it up,

    thanks again


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    Starter was dead, pulled it out and apart and one of the magnets has shatered. found a brand new one on Ebay for $90 will probably buy it on mon.

    thanks for the help,



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