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    Default 1989 Waverunner Problem

    Hello everyone who reads this,

    Ive only been jetskiing for about a year now so i really dont know alot about them. I would really like to learn tho. I have a yamaha 1989 waverunner and i love it. Not a fast machine, but when it turns its soo much fun!

    I was out jetskiing yesterday for about 5 hours, when my problem accurd. There was a loss of power and it would begin to stall. Going full throtle, my waverunner was going just a bit faster than idle speed. I began pulling and releasing the throatle and i gradually got my power back, then everything seemed normal again, so i went straight for the dock. I thought everything was fixed, until my brother jumped on and tried to start it. He went about 5 feet and then it stalled, then another few feet and it stalled again. I got it to go without stalling, but once again there wass no power?

    I loaded up the jetski on the trailer and there was an unusual ammount of water in the jetski. Mabye it just because it was an unusually wavy day and i was on the water for so long? I checked my spark plugs and they looked fine.

    Today I started it for a few seconds just to make sure it would and gave it some gas and it sounded normal. While trying to figure out my problem i noticed that a hose comming from the front vent was just lying loose in the bottom of my jetski. I looked on (the only place i can find diagrams for my jetski) and i found that the hose goes to the battery breather?? Im not even sure what this is? Could this hose be why i lost power? Could this hose be why there was so much water in the jetski? Where the heck would this hose plug into haha. The clip is still on the hose.

    Im going to buy some spark plugs tonight just in case thats the problem. Im also wondering if the fuse got wet, but if so the jetski probalby wouldnt start?

    Sorry for such a long post, im just trying to figure out whats wrong lol. Thanks to anyone who can help =D

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    yeah..not giving us alot of info here. if you got an exhaust leak it will fill up the hull with smoke and stall out the motor, it will start back up again and keep stalling out. try opening the hood and riding it if is persists next time on the water. install a bilge pump to keep water out of the hull.
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    K i figured out that the battery breather has absolutly nothing to do with my problem, after i found out what it does. I took the jetski out yesterday and it ran fine for a bit then it just kept losing power and stalling. I once again noticed a large ammount of water comming into the hull.. i believe its comming in by my seat so if i seal it it should be fine.

    So as for the stalling and loss of power i think its spark plugs. The sparkplugs looked fine but as soon as I changed them the jetski began running better. The only problem i had was after riding around for a bit everyonce in a while I would lose a bit of power. When i opened up the hood i noticed the boots were slipping off the sparkplugs. As soon as i pushed the boots all the way back down, it ran awesome again. Do these boots just vibrate off? Does this mean these boots are old and I need new ones? They look easy enough to install i think

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    D-Roc is right about needing a bit more info.

    Try using a zip ties to keep the boots on if you aren't going to buy new ones.
    (new recommended)
    I now keep a spark plug tester in my tool kit. This helps to see if the engine is firing properly. Was cheap, like under 2 bucks and good to have.

    Try silicone on seat cracks or openings. If the gasket is shot, try getting something from Home Depot in the doors and windows department. Should get you through the season.

    On a side note, when I put on a new seat cover this spring, I siliconed all the seams on the inside of the panels. This prevent water from getting in through those large holes that the industrial needle on the sewing machine makes. You will never have to drain the seat by standing it up, and you won't get a wet bottom either .)


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